Hasten the lettered shapes of your tongue . . . 

Hybrid/Experimental and Blurred Genre Work

"Walmart Holiday-Shopping"  Lunch Ticket, Summer/Fall Issue 2017 


"< 80 BPM" in the "Cities" Issue #5, Winter 2017,  Shooter Literary Magazine, UK

Poetry Collections

According to the Gospel of Haunted Women, ELJ Publications, 2015


"Post-Election" Sinkhole Magazine. 8/17/17. Web. 


"Drought, Spring 2017" Eyedrum Periodically, "True Facts" Issue 


"Humansong of Tooth and Hardness" Eyedrum Periodically, "True Facts" Issue http://www.eyedrumperiodically.org/issue-15-true-facts/two-poems-judithroney/

"Sign Dancer" It was Written: Poetry Inspired by Hip-Hop. Anthology, Minor Arcana Press: Seattle. 2017. Print. 

"How to Operate with a Blown Mind" Issue #1 in The Rush literary magazine, 2017 http://www.therushmag.com/fictionjudith-roney/

"Field Guide for a Human [Why My Heart Hurts So Bad]" Scissors and Spackle, 2017 Print Issue

"Bone-Lace"  Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Volume: 4 Issue: 3 


"The Moment of Orgasm" Slipstream Press Annual Poetry Anthology, Issue #37, "The Road Theme" Summer, 2017. Print. 

"Boy of the Witch-Wood" Cicada Magazine, Witch/Magical Realism Issue, September/October Issue, 2016. Print. http://www.cicadamag.com/thisissue/boy-witch-wood

"Maladaptive Valley"  Postcard Poems & Prose Magazine 2016. Web.


"Back Alley War" Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine. Web.


"According to the Gospel of Haunted Women" (poem) Paper Swans Press, Anthology: Chronicles of Eve, United Kingdom 2016. Print.

"Speaking Pidgin at Dun Conor, Aran Islands" The Galway Review, The Republic of Ireland, December 2016. Web. https://thegalwayreview.com/2015/12/14/judith-roney-five-poems/

"Eleven Words from Beowulf" The Galway Review, The Republic of Ireland, December 2015 https://thegalwayreview.com/2015/12/14/judith-roney-five-poems/

"In Praise of Butter" The Galway Review, The Republic of Ireland, December 2015 


"Latin Word List" The Galway Review, The Republic of Ireland, December 2015


"The Way of the Cross" The Galway Review, The Republic of Ireland, December 2015


"How Boats are Born" Blinders Journal, Issue III, 2015. Web. 

"Refugee" and "Could You Call It Exodus" Pomeleon: A Journal of Poetry, The Disobedience Issue, 2015

"War" and "Where Addiction Begins" Prism Review Contest Winners, Issue 17, 2015. Print. 

"An Aquifer of Self ( With a Blessing from the Bog People)" The Hartskill Review, April 2015 Issue. Print. 

"Taboo" and "At St. James" A Narrow Fellow, April 2015 Issue. Print. 

"Of The Dithyrambic Enthusiasms Of An American Killer," "My Name is Pia Farrenkoph," and "Monkey Hips & Rice" Scissors & Spackle's 2015 Issue. Print. 

"endings" Dark Matter Journal, February 2015 http://hunstem.uhd.edu/DM/DM6.pdf

"Artifacts"  Mythic Delirium, October-December 2015, Issue 2.2. Web. 

​"Time Toc" *82 review, Issue 2.4, 2014. Print. 

"Dancing With the Bones of My Father"  Bones III, JWK Publications, October 2014

"Domestic Disturbance" Steam Ticket: A Third Coast Review, Volume 17, Spring 2014. Print. 

​"41, 48' N, 87, 35.4'W to 28,21'28"N 80 41'5W (Coordinates for a Human)" Jet Fuel Review, Issue 7Spring 2014. Print. 

"Sanctuary" Foothill: A Journal of Poetry, Volume 3, Number 2, 2014 Winter Edition. Print. 

"Wanderer Into the Void" Gambling the Aisle, Summer 2012 Edition

"The Admonition of Eve" Zaum, Issue Seventeen, 2013. Print. 

"Woman Waitng for the Bus" Zaum, Issue Seventeen, 2012. Print. 

"The Way of the Witchetty-Grub" Cypress Dome, 2012. Print. 

"Displacement" Cypress Dome, 2012. Print. 

"Cypress Woman" Third Wednesday, Winter 2011. Print. 


"General Store" Driftwood Press, Issue 2.2, 2015 http://www.driftwoodpress.net/#!issues/cnec


​"Cold City Smoking" Gambling the Aisle, Summer 2012 Edition

"Leaving Shady Lane" All Things Girl, 2011


"The Image: What Is It?" University of Central Florida Master of Fine Arts Blog, June 19th, 2016 https://ucfcreativewritingmfa.wordpress.com/2016/06/19/we-see-thought-the-image-what-is-it/

"Calling Out the Creative" University of Central Florida Master of Fine Arts Blog, November 8th, 2015 ​​​https://ucfcreativewritingmfa.wordpress.com/

"My Nickname was Frankenstein" NonBinary Review, ​Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Anthology, September 2014, (nominated for a Pushcart Prize, 2015)